Derma Gold

Bio-Derma is a Trichoderma which is very effective biological mean for plant and disease management especially those are soil-borne.

  • It is a free-living fungus that is common in soil and root systems.
  • It is highly interactive in root, soil and foliar environment.
  • It reduces growth survival or infection caused by pathogens by different mechanisms like competition, antibiosis, mycoparasitism, hyphal interactions and enzyme secretion.


Importance of Bio-Derma:

  • It is very much effective to suppress different diseases which transmitted through soil.
  • It is effective to suppress harmful fungus, bacteria, and nematode.
  • It helps to enhance plant growth
  • Increases disease resistance capacity of plant.
  • It destroys residues of insecticides
  • It is usable for seed treatment
  • Economical & environment friendly
  • Usable as a component of IPM.


Bio-Derma distributed in four forms

Bio-Derma solid
2. Bio-Derma suspension
3. Bio-Derma powder
4. Tricho-compost.

Dosage of Bio-darma solid:

  • At the time of cultivation and before 7 days of seedling. Bio-darma would be mixed with soil fairly 8-10 kg per bigha. 10 gm per pot, 50 gm per tree, 100gm per pit.

It can use through mixing with rotten cow dung in the seed bed. 250gm bioderma would be needed to apply on 1 meter × 10 meter size seedbed. It can also use in infected crops also. In that case 50 gm bioderma would be mixed with the bottom of the infected crops

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