Bio-Derma is a Trichoderma which is a very effective biological means for plant and disease management especially those are soil-borne.

  • It is a free-living fungus that is common in soil and root systems.
  • It is highly interactive in the root, soil, and foliar environment.
  • It reduces growth survival or infection caused by pathogens by different mechanisms like competition, antibiosis, mycoparasitism, hyphal interactions, and enzyme secretion.

Importance of Bio-Derma:

  • It is very much effective to suppress different diseases which transmitted through soil.
  • It is effective to suppress harmful fungus, bacteria, and nematode.
  • It helps to enhance plant growth
  • Increases disease resistance capacity of plant.
  • It destroys residues of insecticides
  • It is usable for seed treatment
  • Economical & environment friendly
  • Usable as a component of IPM.


Bio-Derma is distributed in four forms

1. Bio-Derma solid

2. Bio-Derma suspension

3. Bio-Derma powder

4. Tricho-compost.


Dosage of Bio-derma powder:

  • Tricho paste of powder can be used to purify the seeds. For 1 kg seed, there will be needed 30 gm tricho-compost.
  • Suspension made by powder can be used in various purposes such as: preparing compost, spray, etc.

Caution:  Can be used within 6 months of production.

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